Lane sharing refers to the practice of a motorcycle and a car or truck (or two cars) riding alongside each other within a single lane of traffic, and it is illegal in Colorado. This means that, when lane sharing accidents occur:

  • The motorist who initiated the illegal lane sharing will be, at least in part, responsible for the accident.
  • Lane sharing accident victims will likely be entitled to compensation for their property damage, medical bills, lost wages and other losses.

At D. Chadwick Calvert LLC, our Denver lane sharing accident attorney is experienced at:

  • Determining fault in these types of accidents
  • Gathering the necessary proof to hold at-fault motorists responsible for their reckless behaviors
  • Standing up for the rights of accident victims both in and outside of court so they can obtain the settlements to which they are entitled.

Lane Sharing versus Lane Splitting versus Co-Riding

Although lane sharing is often confused with lane splitting and co-riding, these are each very distinct driving practices. Specifically, while lane sharing involves two vehicles (with at least one being a car) essentially sharing the area of a lane alongside each other:

  • Lane splitting is the practice of a motorcycle rider riding in between lanes of traffic to bypass other vehicles, and it (like lane sharing) is illegal in Colorado.
  • Co-riding is the practice of motorcycles riding alongside each other within a single lane of traffic, and it is legally permitted on Colorado roadways.

Factors that Can Affect Compensation for Lane Sharing Accidents

When lane sharing accident victims seek compensation for their injuries and losses, a number of different factors can affect the amount of the monetary award to which they may be entitled. Specifically, some of these factors can include:

  • Whether dangerous roadway conditions may have contributed to the accident – For example, if the lanes of a road are not clearly marked, motorists may inadvertently violate Colorado lane sharing laws. In these cases, the entity responsible for keeping the roads well maintained (like the city or county) may be sued.
  • Whether a vehicle equipment defect may have contributed to the lane sharing accident – For example, a malfunctioning indicator or brake failure may cause motorists to unintentionally share lanes. When this happens, a vehicle equipment manufacturer or a vehicle repair shop may be held liable.
  • Whether accident victims themselves may have also been negligent (by, for instance, being intoxicated or breaking another traffic law) – When this is the case, they may be entitled to less compensation.

If none of these factors comes into play and a lane sharing accident is simply caused by one motorist choosing to violate traffic laws, then that negligent motorist will generally be solely responsible for compensating the accident victim(s) for his or her (or their) injuries and losses.

Denver Lane Sharing Accident Attorney D. Chadwick Calvert

At D. Chadwick Calvert LLC, our Denver lane sharing accident attorney has been dedicated to helping accident victims get them the compensation they deserve since 1987. Attorney D. Chadwick Calvert knows what it takes to take care of his clients, and he has a proven record of success when it comes to helping them obtain the maximum possible settlements for their injuries and losses.

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