While truck accidents are often caused by the mistakes or reckless behaviors of truck drivers (or other motorists), in some cases, the negligence of a trucking company may also play a role in causing serious accidents. In the legal community, this is referred to as commercial trucking liability, and when it factors into causing a truck accident:

  • Injured people will likely have a legal claim against the negligent trucking company.
  • D. Chadwick Calvert will be here to defend accident victims’ rights to compensation, help them stand up to corporate lawyers representing trucking companies and ultimately help them secure the highest possible settlements for their medical bills, irreversible injuries, property damage and other losses.

Examples of Commercial Trucking Liability: When Trucking Company Negligence Causes Accidents

The following are some specific examples of how trucking companies may be negligent and, as a result, put motorists’ lives at risk. Some of the most common instances of trucking company negligence typically involve trucking companies:

  • Not thoroughly screening or conducting background checks on truck drivers before hiring them – While properly screening potential drivers can reveal if they have the proper licenses to operate commercial trucks, conducting background checks can be critical to determining if a driver has a history of reckless driving, DUI, drug use, or other behaviors that could endanger other motorists on the roads.
  • Not properly training truck drivers before putting them behind the wheel of commercial vehicles.
  • Not training drivers or others how to properly load trucks and secure these loads – This increases the risk that trucks will be overloaded and/or that the loads will not be properly secured, which can cause them to come loose while trucks are on the road.
  • Not properly maintaining their trucks by failing to have them inspected and/or serviced prior to hauls – This can substantially increase the risk that the essential equipment on trucks – like the brakes or tires – will malfunction while trucks are being driven on busy roads.
  • Not equipping trucks with essential safety gear, like underride guardrails, reflectors, etc. – The lack of such safety gear on trucks increases the possibility that truck accidents will be fatal in the event that other motorists collide with trucks.
  • Not complying with required federal or state trucking regulations and/or encouraging drivers to violate these regulations – One of the most common ways that this form of trucking company negligence occurs is when companies set schedules and/or incentivize drivers to violate federal hours-of-service regulations.

Denver Truck Accident Attorney D. Chadwick Calvert

At D. Chadwick Calvert LLC, our Denver truck accident attorney is dedicated to helping people and doing whatever it takes to get them the compensation they deserve. Since 1987, Attorney D. Chadwick Calvert has been working tirelessly to champion truck accident victims’ rights at every stage of their case. He knows what it takes to take care of his clients, and he has a proven record of success when it comes to helping them obtain the maximum possible awards for their injuries and losses.

Along with his legal skills and knowledge, D. Chadwick Calvert is committed to providing each of his clients with the highest quality legal services. This means that he takes pride in providing personalized attention to each of his clients and that he never passes cases off to new associates or assistants.

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